Winner: Stephen Key

Congratulations Stephen!!

“Are you the type of person who would do anything to go into space? Neither am I, but for those who do Gravity is a film that, for the first ten minutes, seems like the next best thing.
The rest is a disaster film as Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) & Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are isolated in the void in space in a tense fight for survival.
I hate 3D and would gladly destroy it with fire. However, Gravity is the greatest 3D film ever made and is essential viewing.
The depiction of space is presented incredibly realistically (there were inevitably some mistakes – good luck space nerds you need to be on top form), the sense of the eternal airless void is perhaps the highlight of the film with the characters as a minor importance. Homaging great space films of yesteryears, this has joined the ranks with what is Causon’s Masterpiece.”