The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese, 2013, USA)


Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) leads us through the dark cruel world that is Wall Street and all the bloodsucking parasites that live their plus their taste in exotica in endless parties, drugs and booze, in what is perhaps DiCaprio’s best performance to date.

The humour is crude, dark and outrageously funny, this film is far funnier than most direct comedies. But the film doesn’t forget to bring it all down turn Earth as we see Belfort’s somewhat materialistic and fragile domestic life shatter in the briefest of moments. His control doesn’t extend to all arms of his life.

The writing and directing alongside DiCaprio are the highlights of the film, if I had to fault the film I would say that there are moments where a few scenes slow the film unnecessarily but overall The Wolf Of Wall Street is brilliant, funny and cruel film where there are no friends.