Frozen (Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, 2014, USA)


The latest from Disney two princesses that are sisters and best friends; Princess Elsa has a magical power that means she can create ice and snow and her sister, Princess Anna, is amazed by it – it also means that the can build snowman.

Princess Anna falls ill after one of their icy games turns ugly, which means that Princess Elsa shuts herself away from her sister. They are then orphaned and have to wait until Princess Elsa is old enough to become Queen. On the day of the coronation, Princess Anna meets a handsome prince and asked for Elsa’s blessing of the engagement. Elsa (finally a Disney Princess with some common sense) tells Anna that she cannot marry someone that she has just met. This causes an argument that results in Elsa losing control of her icy powers as she runs away and covers the kingdom in a thick blanket of snow.

This is a sweet film about sisterhood, about falling in love and most of all acceptance. I really loved it! Olaf the talking snowman is brilliant as the humour-break character. A must see for all Disney fans!

Hannah Maxwell
(Vice President)

P.s. Pocahontas is still my fave