American Hustle (David O. Russell, 2013, USA)


American Hustle follows two con artists as they play with the FBI, Politicians and the Mob.

The film wanted to get pass, and took a long time to, the tedious backstory of our characters, but once pass them the film just couldn’t bring it together to meet its potential.

It used it strength from its cast most brilliantly, all performances are superb and the best performed film of the year but this couldn’t rescue it from the drudgery that befalls it.

The film believed itself to be very clever but it doesn’t perform this, the biggest disappointment of the film was the climatic “clever” twist that in the end was lackluster and rather simple and a tad bit predictable. And, most worrying of all, the film felt distinctively average. The film itself feels like the ultimate con, an average film disguised as a great film.