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Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (Alfonso Cuaron, 2004, UK)

The magical world of Harry Potter returned to our screens in 2004 and brought us Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I had always been a huge fan of Harry Potter, having read all of the books, but this particular film will always be classed as one of my favourite films of all time. In this ...

charistmas social

Christmas Social!

Our First Social is taking place this Thursday the 5TH of December! This is our Christmas Social and we have a lot planned! Firstly, we recommend that you dress up! This is not compulsory, but it will be way more fun if you do! (Plus, everyone in the committee has to and we don't want to look ...


Catching Fire (Francis Lawrence, 2013, USA)

W O W. I'm completely speechless...and I knew it was all coming because I have read the books! It's been a long time since a film has left me as stunned as Catching Fire - the last time I felt like this I'd just finished reading the books! The sequel to The Hunger Games comes in at the ...



Winner: Stephen Key Congratulations Stephen!! "Are you the type of person who would do anything to go into space? Neither am I, but for those who do Gravity is a film that, for the first ten minutes, seems like the next best thing. The rest is a disaster film as Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) & ...


Lawless (2012, John Hillcoat, USA)

A film set in the American Depression-era (Franklin County, Virginia) a bootlegging gang, ran by the Bondurant brothers, that distributes Moonshine is threatened by a new Deputy and other corrupt authorities who want a cut of their profits. Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy) is the oldest of the 3 ...

Big Fish

Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003, UK)

Big Fish is a heartwarming family film, about a Son (Will Bloom, played by Billy Crudup) trying to understand his storyteller Dad (Ed Bloom, played by Albert Finney), who is dying. Ed Bloom tells stories at any opportunity, about mythical places and fantasical people as if they really happened. This ...


Law Abiding Citizen (F. Gary Gray, 2009, USA)

Having only ever seen Gerard Butler in rom-coms P.S I Love You or over-the-top historical epics (300), this film fully convinced me of his acting merit. He plays Clyde Shelton, an ordinary man, with a loving wife and daughter of whom he obviously thinks the world of. He then watches, defenceless as ...