Dressed To Kill: Screening

dressedtokillposterDressed To Kill (1980)


Directed by Brian De Palma


Starring Angie Dickinson, Michael Caine, Nancy Allen


One of Brian De Palma’s most controversial and divisive films, Dressed to Kill (1980) cemented his reputation as the heir to Alfred Hitchcock with this tense, disturbing and suspense-filled psycho-thriller. Unfulfilled and frustrated, Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson) visits her Manhattan psychiatrist, Dr. Elliott (Michael Caine) to discuss her growing personal and marital problems. Later, she meets an anonymous stranger at an art museum, but following their erotic encounter Kate makes a shocking discovery. Soon, she crosses paths in the most terrifying way imaginable with a prostitute, Liz (Nancy Allen), and their fate becomes intertwined with the sinister presence of a mysterious leather-clad blonde adorned in shades and wielding a cutthroat razor….


We will be viewing this film as part of our next screening!
We will be meeting in the CO-OP Lecture theatre at 7PM on Monday the 3rd of March!


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