Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron, 2013, USA)


Despite its stunning visuals and suitability to 3D, I was disappointed with Gravity.
I couldn’t help but compare it to Buried (2010, Rodrigo Cortes) starring Ryan Reynolds, where he is captured by Terrorists and buried alive; he then frantically tries to save himself through the tools given to him before the oxygen runs out. The film is set within the box he is buried in…That’s it! Their comparison comes through the fact that the plot is centred around one character. The minimalism of Buried suited this one-character-centrality rather than the epic visuals of Gravity. It just didn’t seem to match.
Sandra Bullock was very good and lived up the hype around the film. However, despite the angst around her character I just didn’t click with her the way I felt I should because it seemed that anything that could go wrong went wrong – which took solemnity from the film and therefore her character lost its credibility in my eyes.
Although I give Gravity a negative review, I would recommend for people to see it in Cinema rather than on DVD release – just ignore the hype!

- Hannah Maxwell (Vice President)