About Us

Love going to the cinema? But your friends never want to go and see the same films that you do? Join the Cinema Society where we watch, review and critique all the latest films whilst having fun!

We were created on the 15th October 2013 by Chloe Raines (President) and Hannah Maxwell (Vice President) when they were discussing the fact there are loads of films they want to see and not enough people to go with. So they went straight down to the SU and here we are!!

The Cinema Society aims to provide students with accessibility to films – old and new!

We are currently in the process of setting up a free screening of films once a month, plus 2 trips to the cinema a month. There are also opportunities to get involved in competitions and then to socialise and have fun with other members of the society!

It costs just £5 to join and this will get you a free Odeon Premiere Clubcard.

If you have any other questions, be sure to Contact Us!


Who are we?

Avengers Assemble


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